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2013 - (ongoing)
Osaka // Glasgow // Antwerp

“Possibly then, [creating] has to do with darkness, and a desire or perhaps a compulsion to enter it, and, with luck, to illuminate it, and to bring something back out to the light.” - Atwood, Margaret (2003) Negotiating with the Dead, p. xxii

Impressions are emotional representations manifested from personal experiences. I started collecting. One aspect of the collection are the toys, stemming from research rooted in childhood memories and the emotional value of objects (Transitional Objects, Winnicott, 1951). A found toy represents a rite of passage, childhood’s end, through trauma or choice.

They were all found on the streets and kept in their original condition.

Impressions (doll, back), CMYK screen print on Heritage 315gsm (102x69cm)
Impressions (doll, front), CMYK screen print on Heritage 315gsm (102x69cm)