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Nathan Gotlib is a Belgian-born urban nomad and artist printmaker with an interest in artefacts of human communication (and of the loss thereof) and cultural expression. He is currently working as a studio coordinator at the Frans Masereel Centrum, an international printmaking residency place in the Belgian countryside, and as a guide in the M HKA, Antwerp’s museum of Contemporary Art.

Feel free to contact me via email.


MLitt in Fine Art Printmaking: Glasgow School of Art (2015-2016)
MA Academic Practice for Art and Design: University of the Arts London (2012-2013)
BA Graphic and Media Design: London College of Communication (2008–2011)
Foundation in Art and Design: London College of Communication (2007-2008)

Solo Exhibitions:

La Caresse du Vent (GLTCH, Antwerp) 2018
An (early) Retrospective (Kamer 108, Ghent) 2018
Art Loket (Belfius Art Loket, Antwerp) 2019
Slice of Life (Jacques Gorus, Antwerp) 2020

Group Exhibitions:

7th Annual British Mini Print Exhibition (East London Printmakers, London) 2008
Lost Knowledge (London College of Communication, London) 2010
A4 Printmakers Competition (Open Space Gallery, Cornwall) 2010
LCC’s Round About (London College of Communication, London) 2011
Typographic Posters ( 2011
Perception (Bermondsey Project, London) 2012
Compare & Contrast (Hanbury Arms, London) 2012
CJL Young Artists (CJL Center, London) 2013
Chinese Whispers (Hanbury Arms, London) 2013
Sense-O Osaka (Noon Noon Gallery, Osaka) 2014
transFORM: 5th Annual Exhibition (Art Village Center , Kobe) 2014
Belgian Silkscreen Retrospect (Jacques Gorus, Antwerp) 2015
Beit Venezia New Venice Haggadah Project (Jewish Museum, Venice) 2015
Graduate Degree Show (Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow) 2016
Remote Correlations (AIDA Gallery, Osaka) 2016
Art/Earth/Tech (Newspeak House, London) 2016
In Defense of Life (Blackburn 20/20, New York) 2017
EFA Robert Blackburn Member’s Exhibition (Blackburn 20/20, New York) 2017
Prix de la Gravure - Édition Spéciale (Centre de la Gravure et de l'Image Imprimée, La Louvière) 2017
Printmaking Triennale (Expo Hall, Novosibirsk) 2018
Belgian Pavillion - Japanese Printmaking Bienale (various galleries, Japan) 2019
Anna3 Kruisbestuiving (Anna-ten-Drieëen, Antwerp) 2020

Artist Residencies, Fellowships and Placements:

K2 Screens, London (Placement, 2010)
International Print Centre New York (Placement, 2014)
Scuola Internazionale di Grafica di Venezia (Residency, 2015)
Venice Printmaking Studio (Residency, 2015)
New Venice Haggadah Project (Fellowship, 2015)
HospitalFields, Arbroath (Residency, 2016)
Art // Earth // Tech Gathering, Paris (Residency, 2016)
Frans Masereel Centrum, Kasterlee (Placement, 2017)
Robert Blackburn Printmaking Studio, New York (Placement, 2017)
Henrik Bœgh's Non-Toxic Printmaking, Sierra Nevada (Residency, 2018)
Art // Earth // Tech Gathering, Paris (Residency, 2018)
Het Doorgeven van Vakmanschap in een Meester - Leerling Traject, Antwerp (Fellowship, 2019-2021)